Sara Anderson, Pet Stylist, Front Desk Queen

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Angela Glaesemann, “Office Mom”

Angela Glaesemann, sometimes referred to a “Momma G”, is Dr. Glaesemann’s mother. She cares for everyone at the clinic by helping out where needed, whether it’s picking up front desk duties if someone is ill or needs to attend a family function to running errands around town. She goes the extra mile to take care of clients, too, by coordinating medication mail outs as well as client correspondence. Though she grew up on a mixed beef/grain operation and raised her own kids on a family dairy farm, Angela’s inspiration to help out at BVVC doesn’t come from her agricultural experience but rather her desire to serve others and help everyone in whatever capacity she can.

Emily Haxby, Veterinary Assistant

Emily spent her childhood in Clatonia, sharing her life with her parents and sister. Growing up on a crop farm, Emily grew accustomed to living with chickens and other poultry, horses, dogs, and cats; she was often happily surrounded by animals.

After graduating from Tri County High School, Emily considered becoming a veterinarian, but decided she wasn’t interested in that level of intense study. Instead, Emily earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science: Livestock Production Management, graduating in 2012 after less than four years of hard work. Now, Emily was eager to put her degree to work – she wanted to work with animals.

Also during 2012, Emily got married, and she and her new husband decided to move back to Emily’s hometown. The hard-working couple purchased a house with 80 acres and shortly thereafter 24 head of cattle. They also took over the family’s haying business from Emily’s father and uncle. They have a young son and daughter.

Happy to be home again, Emily began looking for a cattle-focused job and soon learned about Dr. Glaesemann’s passion for large animal medicine. Emily began working at Blue Valley Veterinary Clinic in January 2013.

Emily especially enjoys cattle-related cases, as they increase her ability to care for her own herd. She has also been certified as an artificial insemination technician, another talent that has proven useful in this farm-friendly practice. Finally, Emily likes the challenge of correctly setting up an IV line, and she enjoys assisting with orthopedic surgeries.

Two happy dogs and three cats round out the home’s furry family members. Athena and Ziva are Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mixes and are also sisters. Not surprisingly, the two dogs have entirely different personalities. Athena’s calmer, more regal attitude makes her a bit of a princess; she has adopted her own couch in the house. However, more assertive Ziva has charmed her way onto the couch, and has also shown Athena that her younger sister is not a pushover. Not to be outdone, Emily also has several capable farm cats.

Finally, Emily loves her Clydesdale, Brandy, who was born in early 2013. Brandy likes to commune with the cows, and Emily is teaching her to drive. Skip the Quarter Horse also enjoys his life on the farm. Skip was a barrel horse in a former life, and he still loves to run at full tilt through an open pasture. Daisy, one of Emily’s cows, has also become somewhat of a pet; she loves to sidle up to receive a good scratch.

Wendy Nicholson, Licensed Veterinary Technician

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Dusty the Cat

If you have visited us here at Blue Valley Vet Clinic, you are sure to know Dusty. He’s the unofficial receptionist! (He takes his vet assistant responsibilities seriously, too, bumping the door open to check on appointments if he thinks they need help.)