Thank you so much for taking care of my boy when he’s in need, I’m very grateful!!!

— via facebook

Thanks so much for taking care of all our ‘babies’. Isabella had a rough 2 hrs but is feeling fine today, and Rascal continues to improve. Glad to have you around!

— Anonymous

Thank you all so much for taking such great care of our collie puppies!!! 14 happy tails a waggin’!!!!

— via facebook

My Dane had eaten a big toy and we called late Friday night to see if she could remove it for us since our normal vet was closed. She told us to come in right away & re-opened her clinic just for us! She performed the emergency surgery and he is doing great now! We are so appreciative of her work!

–Anna Haxby

The dustmops (Guy & Peaches) look GREAT! You guys always do such a great job! Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your “finagling” to make sure their grooming appointments and vaccines can be done together, on the same schedule. And how much we appreciate your patience in working with such a neurotic little fellow as Guy. Thanks so much!

— via facebook